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Lawn Plaque &

Lawn Beam Headstone

Many cemeteries now have large areas of space designated for lawn burials. Lawn plaques or lawn beam headstones are the ideal marker for this type of grave. The cemetery will have specifications to adhere to in relation to size, often dependent on the burial location. These details from the cemetery will give us all the information required to provide you with your quote.
With the choice of either granite or bronze, there are a wide variety of options available to ensure the headstone or plaque you choose best honours the life of your loved one.
Laser engraving is also an option with the ability to move beyond lettering now available. The most up-to-date laser engraving technology and tools are available at Legacy Monuments.
Engraving can include photographs, religious icons, motifs,
emblems and much more.

Lawn Plaque and Lawn Beam Headstone: Products

Traditional engraved plaque

Creating an inscription is a real art in itself; it is most important that the layout is set out and spaced to suit any headstone stone plaques or gravestones creating the exact balance.

Legacy monuments ensures all gravestone and tombstone inscriptions have the right font the exact sizing, kerning and layout on all headstones gravestones and stone plaques.

Legacy Monuments inscribes all inscriptions to the perfect depth, ensuring the chosen colour has the perfect reflection. We use 23crt gold quality leaf, and can also inscribe any inscription in any colour. All inscriptions are resistant to the harshest conditions.

Lawn Plaque and Lawn Beam Headstone: Products

Legacy Laser Plaques

Laser engraved memorials are an impressive new and
unique way to remember one’s life.        
Legacy Monuments has the latest State of the art Laser engraving machinery that can engrave with photographic quality.
Truly expressing one’s life in photographic quality is a great way to create the story of a life well lived.

Lawn Plaque and Lawn Beam Headstone: Products

Bronze memorial Plaques

Bronze memorial plaques are an alternative or addition to an engraved inscription.  Bronze memorial plaques can be used in nearly all circumstances and will stand the test of time. There are endless design options for the plaque including shape, size and colour. Photographs or religious symbols may be placed onto the plaque to reflect one's life or passion.

Lawn Plaque and Lawn Beam Headstone: Products

Lawn Plaque and
Lawn Beam Headstones

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true memories -26.jpg
true memories -2.jpg
laser engraved lawn plaque.jpg
Lawn Plaque and Lawn Beam Headstone: Gallery


Lawn Plaque and Lawn Beam Headstone: Testimonials

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team. You took our vision and made it a reality and Tanielas monument is exactly what we wanted. It looks amazing. Once again thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing rest of the year.

Rachel F

You and your team have done a wonderful job with the monument. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for catering to our needs. Our family is very grateful for you and your teams job on my mums headstone.

Claudia T

Thank you for helping me achieve the desired headstone for my Dad,
I took mum out there Yesterday and she was deeply moved told me
that we had done Dad proud. So thank you again.

Anne W

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